There are four steps in every startup's life cycle: Ideation, Launch, Growth and Exit. At each session, panelists will break down each of these steps and talk strategy, methodologies and success. Stay tuned for keynotes and special breakout session agendas.

May 17, 2016

9:00 AM


9:20 AM

Morning Keynotes

10:00 AM


A back-of-the-napkin idea is just an idea. Learn from Israeli company founders how to generate and test ideas, where to find customer validation and to maintain focus on the core components of the business.

11:00 AM


Do we understand what our customers want and can we deliver? Answering those questions are the key to any successful launch. The Israeli panelists will tackle these questions, and also address the power of early adopters, product features and design.

12:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 PM

Panel Sessions

2:00 PM


How do you take a company from a country of just 8 million (to put it in context, Miami alone has 5.6 million people) into the global marketplace? This panel of Israeli entrepreneurs will discuss the essentials of things like team building and creating a strong marketing plan.

3:00 PM


Waze, Wix. Those are some of the biggest names to jump out of the Israeli startup scene and onto the world stage. Learn about the internal systems a company needs to become a prime acquisition candidate and what it takes to ready a company for an IPO.

4:00 PM

Panel Sessions

4:40 PM

Closing Remarks & Reception